In Executive Minutes

Agenda – Castaways Executive Meeting 

Date: Wednesday, September 18th, 2019

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00pm

Location: Castaways Clubhouse

Attendance: Brea, Samantha, Tyson, Connor, Veronica, Arielle, Sarah (O30 OGM), Adrian (W D2), Lee (W D2), Jim (M O48), Cam, LJ, Julia, Owen (M D3), Stefan (M D3), Thain (U21) Matt G

  1. Presidents Report
    1. Not much to say to start the season, only lost div 3 W, hoping to bring them back next year. M Div 4s managed to get a team together. 
  2. Vice-President Report
    1. Nothing to add
  3. Treasurers Report
    1. Cudos to Julia for jumping in to be registrar, U-21s need to be better. Everyone is registered atm. 
    2. Lots of players registered. Having to buy extra spots from VISL to fit all players other why everything is good.
    3. Most registration has been paid, several are outstanding but not many. 
  4. Field Report
    1. 1. trying my darnedest to get the practice schedule sorted out for the rest of the fall.  trying to catch everyone’s requests and make the best use of our field times.  trying to get it done tonight, but I will for sure have it out next week… (personal deadline = Tuesday Sept 24 as I am away starting tomorrow for the weekend without internet – camping)  I know it’s hard to plan for, and I apologize.  I’ve had a messy first few weeks of September in my work/life/childcare balance.
    2. 2. because I’ve only seen the first few weeks of women’s schedules, I haven’t been able to sort out the available slots for men’s games that need to be rescheduled… working on it… waiting on the league.  Men – if you have a game scheduled for Carnarvon at 2:15pm before January, please note that the league scheduled those without checking with me for a field time, so those will have to be moved.  The rugby side has the field at that time until January, and can only give it to us if they know the weather won’t move them off Windsor… 
    3. 3. thank you Sam for getting keys made for finlayson lights.  if you have a key for the lights, test it please… and then let me know if it doesn’t work… 
    4. 4. waiting on paint for Carnarvon, Lee has ordered.  my husband painted as much as he could with the paint he had remaining, but didn’t quite make it around the whole thing. sorry.
  5. Equipment Report
    1. Line paint has been ordered
    2. SoccerWorld was spotty with getting equipment in but now we have all of it. 
    3. Shorts have been sorted, lots of socks/shorts available. 
    4. If players need socks or shorts, get in touch with LJ
    5. Equipment has been handed out. If teams need any get in contact w/ LJ (or team reps preferably) 
    6. There are several old VISL game balls, if womens teams need any please get in touch with him. PLEASE BE CAREFUL with the them they tend to go missing easily. 
  6. Registration Report
    1. Women – Everything is all good and went smoothly
    2. Mens – Several to pay on Div 4 and U21.
    3. Several more players to sign on men/women
  7. Website Report
    1. LWISA schedule is bit of a disaster as they don’t update on regular basis. 
    2. Website upkeep has been paid for the year but Cam has now been trained on the upkeep so moving forward no cost associate with that.
    3. Rudimentary field status page has been built but is getting improved to provide simplicity in updating. 
  8. Sponsorship Report
    1. Doesn’t have sponsorship sheets
    2. Thain has found U21 sponsor.
  9. Social Report
    1. Not a lot to report
    2. List of everyones games that social will post as Home openers
    3. Team photos to be put up in the clubby soon. 
  1. Sixty-second Team Reports
    1. Div 2W
      1. Played first game last weekend and tied, have 20 players registered. 
    2. O30 OGM
      1. Played on Sunday vs Gorge and Won 1-0, 17 players registered and 3 more planned to register
    3. O30B
      1. Signed a pretty full roster, but could sign another player who is willing to be our back-up keeper… 
      2. First game was against a team that has moved down from the A division.  It was a pretty even game, but they came away with the 1-0 win.
      3. Good thing about the loss is that the people that were complaining that we should have been forced to move up to A division will have proof that we are in the right place.
    4. U21
      1. First game last week against westcastle, won 2-1, still working out registration details, some players may join and some may leave but have a core of players for the team. 
      2. 11 players have paid full, rest need to be 
      3. Half of the sponsorship monies have been paid. Other half will come at the end of October. 
    5. Div 3M
      1. Tied sooke 2-2 in Sooke on a rainy Friday. Next game is Sunday time TBA
    6. Div 4M Invictas
      1. Div 4 are looking for a goalie. 
    7. 035M Juniors
      1. Lost first game in Cowichan to last years champions, short guys. Played well last weekend won 4-3. 
    8. O48M
      1. Played Sunday at Carnarvon, lost 4-2. Game was good though. Good with numbers. Had 15 to play. 
  2. New Business
    1. Social reps will be sending out email w/ info on clubhouse parties/fundraisers. 

Next meeting will be on Tuesday 15th October @ 6pm. 

Brief voting members only (Exec/Directors) only following the end of regular meeting