Castaways Football Club

Learn about the Castaways Football Club

Castaways FC is an adult soccer club and has been a part of the Victoria soccer community for over 45 years.

Who We Are

Castaway’s FC is a football club run solely by members volunteering their time. We pride ourselves on bringing people together with teamwork and the great experiences and friendships we all make along the way.

We currently have 10 teams, 5 women’s and 5 men’s, ranging throughout the divisions.

Lower Island Women’s Soccer Association (LIWSA)

Two in Division 1, and one in each of O30A, O30B, and O35 Divisions.

Vancouver Island Soccer League (VISL – Men’s League)

One in Division 3, two in Division 5, one in the O35 Division.

South Vancouver Island Classics’ Soccer Association (SVICSA – Men’s League)

One team in the O49 Division.

Become a Member

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Where We Are

Castaways FC is lucky enough to have Discovery Sports Club, a beautiful heritage building located in Victoria, as their home base and club house.

We regularly hold social and fundraising events throughout the year. All of our teams get to be involved in these events and help us make sure we get to keep enjoying our clubhouse.

Teams are often found piling in after games on the weekends, having a social beer and reminiscing of games and all the great memories they’ve made.

714 Discovery Street