Our Club House

714 Discovery St,
Victoria, BC
V8T 1H2

Phone: (250) 385-1984

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Contact List

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Past President Justin Parish
President Deanna Carlson
Vice President Aidan Elkin
Treasurer Julia Phillips
Secretary Tom Earles
Registrar Beau Belle-Oudry
Field Director Jena Croft
Equipment Director Andrew Pike
Social Director Sydney Goodwin
Social Director Merren Anderson
Sponsorship Director Leigh Carr
DSC Liaison Brea Moore
Merchandise Rep Taylor Daniel
Director at Large Julia Morgan
Team Rep Div 1 FC Women Tessa Tancock
Team Rep Div 1 FC Women Merren Anderson
Team Rep Div 1 Women Emma Rautio-Roe
Team Rep Div 1 Women Bella Colantonio
Team Rep O30A OGM Women Steph Kittleson
Team Rep O30B Women Catherine Larson
Team Rep O35 Women Melissa Carvalho
Team Rep Div 3 Men Andrew Pike
Team Rep Div 5 Deportivo Peter Boldt
Team Rep Div 5 Deportivo Jesse Bennett
Team Rep Div 5 Invicta Ian Colquhoun
Team Rep O35 Jr’s Men Brad Johnson
Team Rep O49 Men Timothy West