In Executive Minutes

Date: Monday September 17, 2018

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00pm

Location: Castaways Clubhouse


  • Brea Moore, Samantha Postle, Stefan Colantonio, Cam Rose, Lee Jonson, Jena Croft, Matt Garnett, Arielle Anderson, Veronica Hackett, Tyson

Regrets: Julia Diamond

Adoption of Minutes

  • Cam Rose introduced a motion to approve the previous minutes; the motion was seconded by Matt Garnett; all in favour – motion passed.

Ongoing business and Summary of Action Items

  • Complete, see attached.

1. Presidents Report

  • Still waiting to on which date the Royals will allow us to sell 50-50 tickets. It will likely be around same time as last year. Offered chuck-a-puck but we can make more on 50-50
  • Lost div 1 women’s team.

2. Vice-President Report

  • No report.

3. Treasurers Report

  • Registration went well as the process is smooth.  All the checks have been deposited.

4. Field Report

  • Catching up on game schedule. Will likely have PISE field time for Friday night men’s.

5.Equipment Report

  • Let Lee know if you need any equipment. Team reps can give Lee’s contact info to new players if they need socks or shorts.

6. New Membership Report

  • Julia submitted a written report:
  • All players are registered who have paid. Additions should be flagged for me so I can sign (women) and money will need to be dropped to Tyson. Guys who have paid Tyson (or will) can just self register through VISL. 
  • There were some issues with admin privileges through VISLs new website but they should be worked out now… any questions should be directed to ED Vince. 
  • Div 1 women unfortunately had to fold. I will see about getting a refund from LIWSA
  • The remainder amounts are due to LIWSA and VISL in October and I will Connect with Tyson on this.
  • Action: Julia follow up with LIWSA for updated invoice.

7. Website Report

  • Communications: Within role to liaise LIWSA and VISL. Send meeting info to Cam.
  • Website:Schedules are posted or in process. Ryan has new website home page for use to draw attention to events. Glitches are now fixed.
  • Arielle: Discussed the idea of a Castaways Instagram account.
  • Action: Cam to draft note to teams about having a separate rep.

8. Sponsorship Report

  • Matt provided an update on plans to get sponsorship for u21 and corner flags.
  • Provided update on sales of merchandise on registration night.
  • There was a lot of interest in doing a clothing order. 
  • Action: Brea do research on merchandise orders and provide update. 

9. Social Report

  • Sent email to team representatives about fundraisers and waiting on responses. First fundraiser is women’s div 2 for Halloween.

10. Team Reports


  • Div 2 – Have a new coach, played 2 games.
  • Div 3 – Won on the weekend. Lot of players signed.
  • O30 United (A)– Won 7-0 on weekend.
  • O30 FC (B) – Won 10-0 on weekend.


  • Div 3 – One win and one loss.
  • Div 4 – Beat Cowichan 2-1.
  • O35 – N/A
  • O48 – N/A

New Item

  • Mits still interested in being involved in the club. Would like to provide free goalie clinic. 
    • Action: Brea will get dates from Mits about a goalie clinic.
  • The 030 B women’s team would like a coach.
  • Marc purchased corner flags for the club with Castaways name on it.

Next meeting: Monday October 15, 2018 at 6:00pm

Meeting adjourned at 7:07.