In Executive Minutes

Agenda – Castaways Executive Meeting 

Date: Wednesday, October 6th, 2021

Time: 8:00-9:00pm

Location: Zoom

Zoom Link:

Attendance: Veronica, Brea, Julia, Cameron, Tyson , Jena, Aiden, Merren

Not in Attendance: Connor, Marcus, Sam, 

Exec Meeting:

  1. Adopt last meeting minutes.
    1. Tyson motions to approve
    2. Veronica seconds
    3. Carried
  2. Presidents Report
    1. No updates
  3. Vice-President Report
    1. Not in attendance
  4. Treasurers Report
    1. No updates       
  5. Field Report
    1. Monday October 4th night the final group did not turn lights off or lock the box. 
    2. PISE field times
      1. Groups before us are not pleased with warming up behind nets prior to our field time. 
      2. Tyson noted that previously it has been addressed at field with other teams notifying not to get onto turf. 
      3. Option to add 30 minutes to booking for Friday nights for 7:30pm kickoff with 30 minutes warmup prior. Cost would be incurred. $37.5
      4. Cannot add time for 6pm Saturday kickoff due to PISE building closing at 8pm. Will dig in further. 
      5. Will request an extra 30 minutes Friday and see if there are any options for Saturday. 
      6. Corner flags have been withheld by youth users in the past. PISE has been contacted to determine why, the initial response is that they are for everyone. 
      7. Teams were fined last weekend for not having flags.
      8. viii.All costs submitted to Tyson. 
  6. Equipment Report
    1. Not in attendance. 
  7. Membership Report
    1. A couple new registrants, one not in time to play last week. Refunded player a single game. 
    2. Still potentially more players to sign up. 
    3. Letter for bylaw amendments drafted after AGM. 
    4. To discuss what can be emailed and not qualified as spam. 
    5. Covid QR codes for Doncaster and Oak Bay. 
      1. Could lose rental and maybe fined for not having vaccine proof. 
      2. Jena has taken responsibility for O45’s. 
      3. To leave with Team Rep/Manager to control. 
  8. Sponsorship Report
    1. Brea to reach out to team reps to let them know this position is open.
  9. Social Report
    1. No updates.
    2. Brea requested that team reps be notified that bookings are available for sit down events. 
  10. Website Report
    1. Working on getting practice schedules and games onto the website. 
    2. Brea to provide updates team reps list
  11. Merchandise Report
    1. There is a want for merchandise orders.
    2. There is a request to try a different vendor. Out of the Blue Designs
    3. Are there items that people are interested in having branded?
      1. Has been some requested for premium items – Under Armour tops
      2. Zip up jackets
      3. Could do a poll on socials. 
    4. Socks are $15 and shorts are $25.
  12. New business
    1. AGM communication Mailchimp – Can we email people? 
      1. To add a link to subscribe to our Socials – Tom to look into MailChimp
    2. Bylaw Amendments 
      1. Julia to make an adjustment to board members number raised to 14
    3. SGM
      1. Add approval of fees to the agenda 
      2. Add approval of budget to the agenda
      3. Offer the new DatL positions up if approved. 
      4. Send email to book SGM and with agenda
      5. Meeting to be Wednesday November 3rd – 7:00pm
    4. Tom to follow up that Marcus is on the distribution list for emails. 
  13. Meeting is adjourned. 

Next Meeting is: Executive meeting to follow the SGM.