In Executive Minutes

Agenda – Castaways Executive Meeting  

Monday, November 9, 2020


Discovery Street Sports Club/Zoom

Skype: Cam, Fiona (D1W), Val(030As), Tyson, Merran, Tim, Veronica, Marcus, Julia

Clubhouse: Brea, Sam, Matt G, Jena, Connor, Aidan

Meeting called to order

  • Jena move to adopt the meeting agenda
    • Tyson seconds


  • Sign in sheet – please make sure everyone signs in
  • Adopt Past minutes


  • President’s report
    • VISL covered flag replacement costs
      • Div 4m broke ref’s flag during normal use
      • VISL agreed to cover cost as broke during normal
  • Vice president report
    • We applied for the VIAsport grant
    • Reached out to Ironman about 2021 triathlon
      • None scheduled till 2022 but will reach out for volunteers closer to date
  • Treasurer’s report
    • Owe field’s(Jena) some cheques for fields
    • Most field have been paid of 048s
    • Will have better idea of financial situation next month as things get paid
    • Have about $24,000 in bank atm 
  • Registrar’s report
    • Refunds
      • Matt T and Justin Neuffer has requested 
    • Membership update
      • 42 men and 42 women (2 male refunds) 
      • A few more registrations coming potentially for Div 4M/Div 3M
  • Field & Gym Director’s report
    • Not submitted any payments yet
    • Div 4s would like 
  • Equipment Director’s report
    • Everyone has gear and seems happy
    • Div 3 has borrowed 1 jersey
  • Social & Fundraising Director’s report
    • No update for social
    • Keep tagging Castaways and it will be shared on social media
  • Sponsorship Director’s report
    • Nothing to report other than having hundreds of beer coozies which will be passed to Aidan as merchandise
  • Web report
    • Updated executive list and team reps
    • Other updates have fallen through cracks as Cam bought a house (Congrats!) 
    • Cam will post COVID guidelines and AGM minutes
  • Merchandise Report
    • Store can be up in a few day’s but it takes 3 to 4 weeks for items to be delivered after closing of store
      • That means the store must close by end of November to be received by Christmas
      • Store will go up.
        • Several items will be removed (drawstrings bags) and several others will be added (sweatpants, Adidas Blue Shorts) 
      • Will run Nov 13-25
    • Things will be left at cost

New Business

  • Div 3 wanting to contribute in some way
    • Looking into what it costs for VISL
  • Fundraising expectations
    • Teams still need to fundraise this year but amount is not set
      • Tyson suggests $500 goal this year
      • Create an incentive for the best fundraising team
    • Options
      • Silent Auction
      • Online Auction
    • V will send out an email to team reps about $500 and contest
    • Club wide Silent Auction will be discussed more next meeting
  • Bottle Depot account?
    • Matt will look into it for next meeting! 

Meeting adjourned

Next Meeting: December 8, 2020 6pm at the Clubby/Skype