In Executive Minutes

Castaways Executive Meeting

Date: Monday March 4, 2019

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Location: Castaways Clubhouse


Matt Garnett, Julia Diamond (phone), Brea Moore, Cam Rose, Samantha Postle, Lee Johnson, Stefan Colantonio, Thain, Geoff Briggs, Jena Croft

Regrets: Tyson Loreth

Adoption of Minutes

  • Lee Johnson introduced a motion to approve the previous minutes; the motion was seconded by Arielle; all in favour – motion passed.

Ongoing business and Summary of Action Items

  • Action items were reviewed.

1. Presidents Report

  • Dropped deposit check (approx. $2,018) to the venue for the year-end. This is half of the total price. The price is based on 110 people.

2. Vice-President Report

  • Waiting on fundraising money from the Royals game from three teams.

3. Treasurers Report

  • N/A

4. Field Report

  • Lots of games to reschedule but fields are open. Cup games will get priority for fields.

5.Equipment Report

  • Please contact Lee to arrange picking up your team’s jersey bin (contains jersey deposits). It is easy to collect jerseys jerseys at the last game.
  • Lee proposed that the club offers a thank-you gift for Jeremy who lines our fields. The value would be up to $25. Executive agreed this can come out of equipment budget.

6. New Membership Report

Two teams submitted requests to the Executive for a reduction in fees for new players for the remainder of the 2018/19 season. (Note: players who sign after December 31st are normally subject to paying $100 for their registration fees.)

1. The O30s submitted a request to sign a goalie for the remainder of the season (two games) at the cost of only paying the BC Soccer Association (BCSA) fee (i.e., $50). Their previous goalie was injured (she never requested a refund from the Executive) and the team has struggled to recruit a new goalie for the quarter cup final game and Provincials. The team has currently been rotating non-goalie players in net and has indicated that having an actual goalie may give them a competitive advantage to win the league and and go to Provincials. The Executive agreed to grant this request, without precedent, given the circumstances.

2. The Div 2W also submitted a request to sign a new player for the remainder of the season at the cost of paying the BCSA fee.  The registrar attempted to register the player one week in advance of the first cup game (LIWSA policy); however, the Castaways registration database was malfunctioning. As such, she was not signed in time. Given there are only a couple games left in the season, and the team has struggled with losing players to moves/pregnancy, the Executive agreed to grant this request, without precedent.

7. Website Report

  • The website’s registration issue has been dealt with.
  • Cam is requesting that the club approve spending $450 to our website contractor to: add a field webpage and provide training to Cam to update the site and complete ongoing maintenance. The upfront fee would save the club the $250 annually that it pays the contractor for work that Cam will be able to do after the training.
  • Cam brings forward a motion that the club approves spending $450 for adding a field webpage and providing training. The motion was seconded by Stefan. No opposition and motion passes (pending Tyson’s/treasurer approval of finances).
    • Action: Tyson to make the final decision on approval of the $450 cost for the website.
  • There was a discussion about adding updated pictures to the website.
    • Action: Sam to reach out to Casey, President of LIWSA about using pictures from LIWSA Facebook.
    • Action: Matt to reach out to Mat Smith about the photographer who took pictures at their game.
    • Action: Cam to ask Ryan about cost and difficulty of posting pictures.

8. Sponsorship Report

  • Sponsorship difficult now that we don’t have labour day tournament.
  • Thinking about reaching out to Highland Pacific Golf about hosting golf tournament that could have sponsorship opportunities.

9. Social Report

  • Year-end banquet is coming up. Team reps are to reach out to teams about selling tickets.
  • Action: Arielle to reach out to Katie about engravings for award glasses for the year-end banquet.
  • Action: Veronica to send an email to team reps about asking which awards they are giving out and to whom.

10. DSC

  • There have been a couple of private events including a band. The club is still open for private events. The cost to rent is $25 an hour for members.

11 New business

  • Motion: Compensate Adam up to $15 for the work done on printing tickets

Brea put forward motion, Seconded by Veronica. No opposition, motion passes.

  • LIWSA there is a motion coming up about changing O 30B to over 35. Consensus was to discus next executive for Castaway.
  • We will give free tickets to the year-end for coaches from the: u21 (two tickets), div 3 women (one ticket), 030a (one ticket), 030 b (one ticket). This for coaches who do not play for the club and therefore do not receive the discount of registration fee.

12. Team Reports


  1. Div 2: Rescheduling games, won second cup game.
  2. Div 3: Lost in first cup game. Last game in Nanaimo this season.
  3. O30A: Won first two cup games. Three games remaining.
  4. O30B: Won two cup games. One makeup game left if they win they win division.


  1. U21: First cup game is this Sunday. Should have most players back vs Lakehill. Two make up games left. In third place overall.
  2. O35s: won first cup game vs Cowichan. Play Gorge A this Saturday at 4.
  3. O48: 4 more games to go. No cup games in league. Hurting for players.
  4. Div 3: Had forfeit first cup game cause couldn’t get enough players.
  5. Div 4: Won first cup game, lost second and their will be suspensions and fines. Three league games remaining.

Note: Year-end you will need to hold on to ticket at both Market and Clubhouse. Will need wristband.

Next meeting Monday April 1, 2019 at 6pm

Meeting adjourned at 7:13