In Executive Minutes
  1. Agenda – Castaways Executive Meeting 

    Date: Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022

    Time: 7pm

    Location: Skype/Zoom/Google


    Present: Tyson

    Not Present: Julia, O48M, Sam, Aidan, Div 4M, Div 3M, Cam

    Exec Meeting:

    1. Adopt last meeting minutes.
      1. Veronica moves
      2. Brea second 
      3. Minutes adopted
    2. Presidents Report
      1. Nothing back from Thain after request for business plan. 
    3. Vice-President Report
    4. Treasurers Report
      1. Not much to update
      2. A few final invoices for end of the season fields
      3. In good financial situation
    5. Field Report
      1. If victorious in cup games, please let Jena know ASAP so she can get fields booked. 
      2. Last weekend of Carnarvon this weekend. 
      3. Get Windsor Soccer field for the last 3 weeks with free change rooms! 
      4. Will get the last few invoices to Tyson
    6. Equipment Report
      1. Not much to report. 
      2. For jersey’s replacements
        1. On Hold as only small and x-small 
      3. Started to get return of gear
        1. Will send email to teams advising of a return day and address to drop equipment. 
        2. April 6th will be the date to return jerseys and gear. 
        3. Jerseys must be returned by that date or money is forfeited. 
    7. Also need to return jersey deposits/collect jerseys
      1. Will 
    8. Membership Report
      1. Not much to report, a few late season additions which is great news! 
    9. Sponsorship Report
    10. Social Report
      1. We can be social again! 
      2. Will organize St. Patrick’s Day themed music bingo on Friday the 18th.
        1. $10 ticket which will include drink
      3. Banquet
        1. Need to confirm start time for dinner and food. 
          1. Start time moved to 6:30 Dinner at 8
        2. Tournament happening
          1. Need to get numbers confirmed. 
          2. Starts at 10 runs till 5
        3. Pricing is $40 for Tourney/Dinner
        4. Award Cups are being engraved this weekend
        5. Will need help to setup the banquet.
          1. Gets liquor and guarantees entrance to clubhouse. 
        6. Bartenders Booked?
          1. Brea will ask sister and friend if they will bartend again.
          2. Veronica has a follow-up
      4. Talk of opening clubhouse for the Men’s qualifier match. 
        1. Details will be shared.
      5. Can we spam social to get some cheering squads out to games this weekend. 
        1. Yes we can let Veronica know details. 
    11. Website Report
      1. No Report
      2. Will follow up on website annual payments.
    12. Merchandise Report
      1. Put together order and will go through it with colin to confirm that everything listed is available
      2. Looking for sizing charts
        1. Trying to find one for jackets
      3. Also confirming that jackets can be done with no name on back and with name on back. 
      4. Trying to organize getting payment confirmed at time of order. 
    13. 60 Second Team Reports
      1. Div 1W
        1. Came 3rd in Division
        2. Started Cup and won first game, second game rescheduled due to referee error
        3. Doing Booze Raffel, that has sold out. 
      2. O30A
        1. Kicking Ass, still have a make-up game but going through cup right now, 2 games in, play Friday Night 6o’clock at Layritz. 
        2. Also doing Booze Raffel. 
      3. O30B
        1. Are doing well, one make-up game to play, played 2 cup games, lost both, have 1 or 2 games left
          1. 7:30 on Friday at Oak Bay Turf. 
      4. Div4M
        1. No Report
      5. Div3M
        1. First cup against Bays and won, Play Gorge-Us-Game on Saturday at 8 at Hampton. 
      6. O35M
        1. Lost a heartbreaker on the weekend in shootout so Season is done. 
        2. Good Season ended in second place. 
      7. O48M
        1. No Report
    14. New business
      1. No New Business. 
    15. Meeting is adjourned. 

    Next Meeting: April 6th, 6pm at the clubhouse