In Executive Minutes

Agenda – Castaways Executive Meeting 

Date: Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Time: 8-9pm

Location: Clubhouse

Attendance: Brea, Sam, Jenna, Cam, Connor, Veronica, Tom E,  

Non-Attendance: Julia

Exec Meeting:

  1. Adopt last meeting minutes.
    1. Veronica motions
    2. Sam seconds
  2. Presidents Report
    1. No new news
    2. Hope to have good turnout for AGM, early communication is key
  3. Vice-President Report
    1. No report given
  4. Treasurers Report
  5. Field Report
    1. No practice schedule yet is being worked on. No idea whats happening come October due to lack of Finlayson, hope everyone like school gyms
    2. Requests out to clubs/cities for extra turf time
    3. Finlayson completion date currently unknown
      1. Requests with the city for time once re-opened
  6. Equipment Report
    1. Jerseys cost $2530.00 for the two kits (Retail before Soccerworld reduces it)
      1. 23 Women’s (sizes matching list provided by Leigh Carr)
      2. 23 Men’s
      3. Projected delivery is 32 days away (End of Aug/Start Sep)
      4. Soccerworld ready to screen as soon as received
    2. For deposits cheques are the easiest and best for the returns at the end of season
      1. e-transfer is second best (if Julia is ok with that)
      2. preferably no cash because its harder to get back to players (specifically the men’s teams because they never show up to meetings)
    3. We already have paint and shouldn’t need a refill until the season is underway (can’t project when if we have more grass fields this season)
    4. Things for purchase:
      1. First Aid Kits (one per team)
      2. New Soccer Balls (probably use up the “new” unused ones first)
      3. Shelves for around $200 (will install those at a later date, hopefully before the season starts)
  7. Membership Report
    1. Team registration- women: 2x Div1, O30A, O30B. Men: O35, Div 3, Div 5. 
      1. All teams need a different name (for womens at least). I was very creative and called the new team something like “Castaways Div 1”. We already have Castaways FC and Castaways United used, does either Div1 team have a word they’d like to use after “Castaways” other than FC or Utd?
      2. Veronica will consult with her team for name and get back to Julia about names
    2. Registration night: I’m away the week of Sept 12-19, but around the weeks before that.  Haven’t heard when games start, but the week before that would probably be best (or 2 weeks before at earliest). We’ve had issues being too early before and then nobody cares to do it on time.
        1. Wednesday September 7th, 2022, 6-9 at the clubhouse
      1. As long as I can make it to reg night I don’t really need more people helping with the reg process, as I can get everybody doing it themselves. 
      2. It’s just going to be emailing them a code and confirming the email address that I have on file. We should figure out how to get proper approval to email people for social events through reg night and how to get people to attend if they are paying and getting the reg code from me by email like for the past two years. 
        1. Can we have a list for emails from people to be able to send?
          1. Tom notes as Non-for-profit we fall outside spam regulations so we can email everyone and then allow them to unsubscribe if they wish
          2. President will send welcome email once registration 
        2. ACTION ITEM: Julia to collect emails and President will send out welcome email (For action by Sept Exec Meeting)
      3. ACTION ITEM FOR TOM: review regulations regarding spam email
    3. Fees: I’d rather get them all by e-transfer and cheque again. It’s extremely easy to track this way, rather than collecting tons of cash. If we want to go back to having cash I can make it work, but it needs to be well organized. Preference is that it’s the exception not what we request as the primary method. 
      1. All Exec agrees – e-transfer is preferred cash is last method to use
    4. Jersey deposits – happy to use my tracking sheet for this as well if needed, but that would require some way of getting the info to the table with the jerseys. Marcus found it easier to keep it separate, so if he’s not returning (maybe he is, not sure why I think this) the new person may have the same preference. 
      1. Marcus is returning, will do preference for keeping.
    5. Need to clarify the price for first/second half of the season fees. $200 for after Xmas proved to be too steep last year. Maybe our $15 discount per game not played is the best bet and we just set a minimum fee 🤷‍♀️ We still need to set a price for “until Christmas” players, but it could be the same logic ($15 per game on the schedule). 
      1. Per bylaw amendment last year, Fees reductions are set at the AGM each year
      2. If you start playing at beginning of year (Sept) full fees are paid.
      3. Half seasons starting in/after Jan are $175
      4. Vic West paid $325 last year per Sam
      5. Brea will have Julia confirm costs of LIWSA/VISL fees for the years
      6. ACTION ITEM FOR AGM – Vote on Fees for season and refunds/reduced fees
    6. Covid deferral – we had one player unable to use their Covid deferral last year due to a nasty injury, and we made an exception for them to keep it for this year.  I believe it’s the only one still hanging around.
      1. Player will be able to use it this year
  8. Sponsorship Report
    1. Leigh has sponsorship for new div 1 jerseys and training tops
    2. V is not around for AGM
  9. Social Report
    1. Nothing to Report
    2. Justin organizing social event for Women’s Teams
  10. Website Report
    1. Website working, all should be good. 
    2. All payments up to date
    3. Posting of schedules depending on receiving schedule from leagues
  11. Merchandise Report
    1. Waiting on Out of the Blue 
      1. Initial delivery date June 17th 
      2. Having supply issues, should be ready in next few days
      3. Contact can’t get date on two tone hoodies, suggests cancelling or alternative source
      4. They aren’t willing to accept subbing alternative for free? Not currently. They should as they won’t waive order separation fee and delay is now almost 2 months
      5. Option is to wait or club pays difference of approx. $40
      6. ACTION ITEM  FOR AIDAN: Will confirm items that are in and ready to go, on order and what is back ordered. He will also confirm waiver of cost on 2 tone sweatshirt or if Out of the Blue will waive partial printing fee and print rest of order except 2 tones Sweatshirts.
  12. New business
    1. Fee Reductions for Shadow Positions?
      1. No Fee reduction until individual is actually on board
    2. Each Team Numbers at AGM
      1. 3 minimum, 5 will get team members pitcher
      2. Members of the Board do not count
    3. AGM Time
      1. August 17th, Doors 7, Meeting Starts 7:30
      2. Brea will send initial info to Everyone, then official email will go out August 3rd.
    4. Recovery fund Should we apply?
      1. Connor will look into it 
      2. Will also forward to DSC for sending to Rugby
    5. All position please create gmail and forward role info/important information to email. 
    6. Ironman Cheque
      1. Received
  13. Meeting is adjourned. 
      1. Next Meeting is: August 17th, Doors 7, Meeting Starts 7:30