In Executive Minutes

Attendees: Stefan Colantonio, Elenore Arend, Kass Graber, Cam Rose, Lee Johnson, Tysen Loreth, Marc, Brea, Ryan, Ali, Alana, Julia, Rose, Cam Rose, Matt Garnet, Katie Flowerdue-wick

1. Presidents Report

– Brea contacted the Sports Management Coordinator at PISE about having one of their students organize our labour day tournament. The organization showed interest and indicated four students would be required to organize the labour day tournament.

– Brea is putting together document for PISE that includes the history of the tournament, the club’s needs and desired outcomes.

– The students would would plan the tournament and Castaways members would volunteer during the tournament.

  Brea indicated that Castaways needs to decide on a format (e.g., 11-aside vs 7-aside) and dates.

– Decision: There was a consensus to host the tournament on August 25-27, 2017 (a week before labour day) and have an 11-aside format.

-Action: Team reps are to email their teams about the format and date tournament and Cam will add to the website.


2. Vice-President Report

– No update to report


3. Treasurers Report

– $12,184 in bank right as of this morning (February 20, 2017).


4. Field Report

– Nat was away, but sent results from the field survey she emailed out to teams.

– The club discussed that there is a need to find a new field coordinator after Nat steps down at the end of the season. Previously, Nat has indicated she is willing to train her replacement before the end of this season if someone volunteers early.

– Action: Teams reps are to email their teams asking if anyone is willing to volunteer. Details of email include: free registration for this volunteer position and can start training this season with Nat.


5. Equipment Report

– The season ending and equipment will begin coming back.

– Lee can send coaches list of each team’s jerseys numbers next month.


6. New Membership Report

– Div 3 men signed 2 players

– Premier women signed 1 player

– Div 4 men signed 1 player


7.Website Report

– Club members can continue to send Cam any changes. Cam is preparing to send more content to Ryan (website contractor).


8. Sponsorship Report

  Matt sent the sponsorship list to Cam to post on club website and is waiting on details from the Castaways August tournament.


9. Social Report

– Katie discussed the year-end tournament (see appendix 1 for details). Highlights include:

Date is April 8 2017, charging $35 per player, cost of food from Roast is $3,520, renting venue is $280 (including cleanup) and we can hire an AV for $50 per hour. For awards, there will be two cups per team again. The usual awards are for MVP and rookie but teams can give awards for any categories they choose.

– The Division 2 women’s St. patty’s day party will be held on March 17, 2017 at the clubhouse.

– Katie announced she is leaving the Social Coordinator position after this season.


10. Merchandise

– Marc purchased a number of clothing items including: hoodies, sweatshirts, and long sleeve tees. This Castaways merchandise can be sold at the year-end tournament.


11. New Business

– Labour Day Tournament (discussed in Presidents report).


12. Sixty-second Team Reports

Prem W –N/a

Div 1 – Won 3-nil vs Vic west

Div 2 – Didn’t play this weekend because other team folded. Should win division of other team doesn’t score 11 goals.

Div 3 – Played twice this weekend. Low numbers (6 own plus 3 permits) both games. Will participate in the triathlon fundraiser.

Over 30 FC – Lost a player to concussion, numbers dwindling. Won and tied since last meeting.

Over 30 United – Only had one game since new year and won. In second, won’t change.

Div 3 men – Going well in new years with some wins. Won in cup after pk’s and play in gorge in two weeks on Friday night. Club after the game. Super Bowl fundraiser was successful and raised $910.

Div 4 – Won our first cup game

035 Juniors – Won first cup game against a-division team.

040 – N/A


Next meeting: March 13, 2017