In Executive Minutes

Date: Monday, February 5, 2018
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Castaways Clubhouse

Attendance (Executive): Brea Moore, Julia Diamond, Lee Johnson, Cam Rose, Matt Garnett

Summary of Action Items
Tyson to confirm list of players who have been granted a refund and provide to Julia; Julia will advise players to make arrangements with Lee to return jerseys.
Brea to advise Victoria Royals that the Castaways FC will not pursue a 50/50 engagement at a play-off game this year, given we would need to sell 300+ tickets. Brea to advise them that we would be interested in a playoff game next year.
Matt to draft a proposal regarding changes to the VISL handbook (rather than the bylaws) for Castaways FC executive consideration at the March meeting. The proposal will then go forward to a monthly VISL meeting (April / May).
Matt to share sponsorship template with the Executive.
Rose to inquire about options for the Ironman fundraiser with the organizer – i.e., how many stations Castaways FC could run – and report back to Executive at the March meeting.

January Minutes
Matt introduced a motion to approve the January minutes; the motion was seconded by Geoff; all in favour – motion passed.

Presidents Report
Labour Day Tournament: Executive discussed the opportunity of running a Labour Day Tournament this year, versus focusing efforts on other potential fundraisers. Executive decided to not pursue planning for a 2018 Labour Day Tournament and instead focus on capitalizing on other opportunities, such as Royals 50/50 fundraisers (a regular season game in fall 2018 and a playoff game in spring 2019) and the Ironman fundraiser (Rose to look into options).

Vice-President Report
Not provided.

Treasurer Report
Not provided.

Field Report
Jena provided an e-mail reminder for everyone to continue checking online for field status updates. If your team decides not to play, or the game is cancelled the day-of, please advise Jena and she will let the municipality know that it was deemed close and the Club can get funds back.

Equipment Report
Lee will contact Jena regarding paint for Carnarvon.
Lee will work with Julia to have jersey deposits returned for refunded players.

New Membership Report
Julia reminded the Club that the deadline for new player registration is one week before cup play begins.

Website Report
No update.

Sponsorship Report
No update, though Matt is coordinating a tie order in time for the year-end banquet.
Matt will also share a sponsorship template with the Club – to facilitate sponsorships / donations when teams are looking for items for prizes, raffle draws, etc.

Social Report
Not provided

Sixty-second Team Reports

Div 1– Still seeking players including a keeper. Will be hosting a summertime pub night in effort to raise awareness / recruit players, etc.
Div 2 – Could potential tie for first in the league. Will be entering the Div 2 cup.
Div 3 – Team continues to improve. Is happy with the coach.
O30 – Team has won the league.
Div 3 – Raised $1k for the club through the Super Bowl fundraiser.
Div 4 – Team is doing well; sitting just behind Salt Spring Island in the standings.
O35 – No update
O48 – Team continues to have a good time!

Adjournment: 6:40pm | Next meeting: March 5, 2018 at 6pm