In Executive Minutes

Castaways Executive Meeting

Date: Wednesday February 20, 2019

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00pm

Location: Castaways Clubhouse


Matt Garnett, Brea Moore, Samantha Postle, Jena Croft, Julia Phillips, Tyson Loreth, Stefan Colantonio, Veronica Hackett, Arielle, Marc Morrison, Lee Johnson, Sophia

Regrets (executive): Julia Diamond, Cam Rose,

Adoption of Minutes

  • Tyson introduced a motion to approve the previous minutes; the motion was seconded by Veronica; all in favour – motion passed.

Ongoing business and Summary of Action Items

  • Action items were reviewed.
  • Discussion on u21s and the fundraising money they are responsible for.
    • Action: Brea will draft an email to the u21 team (CC Tyson) about the money they owe for fine and hickey tickets.

1. Presidents Report

  • Thanks to Arielle and Sam for taking over the 50-50 tickets.
  • Note for next year that long weekends do not earn as much money as a Friday or Saturday.
  • At the recent DSC executive meeting, their executive approved the decision to temporarily suspend their liquor licence and obtain a special licence for the year-end to accommodate minors. Adults will need wrist bands and there will be extra staff at the DSC on the night of the year-end.

2. Vice-President Report

  • For the 50-50 fundraiser at the Royals game, there were 26 volunteers from the club on game day. Club made $3,100.
  • For next year, we need big pales as it is easier to collect all tickets.
  • Action: Marc to donate big buckets from work for next year’s Royals 50-50 fundraiser.

3. Treasurers Report

  • Treasurer owes Brea cheques and will write the field cheques. The club’s bank account is around where expected.

4. Field Report

  • Teams should keep an eye on website as Jena will figure our how to reschedule games. Please email Jena about games that need to be rescheduled.

5.Equipment Report

  • Marc had socks to donate. Lee will do an inventory and come up with ideas of how to distribute to teams or players.
  • Teams to get in touch with Lee about two games before the end of season to set up time for manager to get the bin.

6. New Membership Report

  • No updates.

7. Website Report

  • Via email: field status page is $450.
  • Consensus was to discuss the field status page next month when Cam is at the meeting as the decision is not time-sensitive
  • Action: Cam to follow up with website about photos previously taken.

8. Sponsorship Report

  • No updates.

9. Social Report

  • Details of the year-end:
    • Date: April 6
    • Food: Tacos by roast
    • Location: Oak bay turf is booked
    • Cost: Total current invoice is $4,417.12. Little higher than last year
  • Able to help if teams need help organizing fundraisers.
  • Action: Veronica and Arielle will organize ticket printing for the year-end
  • Action: Veronica and Arielle will email a description of the event to team reps for distribution to team members.
  • Discussion about how to get teams to do their fundraising.
    • Action: Veronica and Arielle to great step by step guide for next year.

10) New Business

  • Twitter account – Marc indicated that Sara Healing
    • Action: Brea to reach out to Sara healing about access to the club’s twitter account
  • VISL update – cup play and fines
    • Cup – Players who are suspended for cup (carry over suspension form last year) has been posted and link was distributed to all VISL players and managers.
    • Fines – make sure to pay any new fines prior to your first cup game.
    • VISL is Looking at spring/summer league full field soccer. Stefan suggested that club offers hosts a year-end tournament as a fundraiser.
    • Members passed resolution to purchase new games balls. Each team in VISL will be responsible for buying two new games balls (at $80 each) for next season.

DSC updates.

  • Brea provided an update about recent updated from the DSC:
    • All DSC membership fees are in
    • DSC emailed current tenants about plan to eventually increase rent to pay for future maintenance.
    • Parking rental increased starting March 1st.
    • DSC is Tracking down lease papers.
    • Switched to lucky beer.
    • Still looking for private events.
    • Offering social memberships
    • Looking to organize social events for this summer.

11. Team Reports


  1. Div 2: Trying to sign one more player. Games cancelled with snow.
  2. Div 3: Snowed out, 3 girls want to come out more quits.
  3. O30A: in second, have played 2 cup games.
  4. O30B: In second place, haven’t played since January 27th. Make up games.


  1. U21: Via email – Won final regular season game. In 3rd in league. Waiting for cup play. Academy slowed down, looking to spring and summer for academy.
  2. O35s:  won 1 game this season, Cup game this weekend. Brainstorming about fundraising.
  3. O48: N/A
  4. Div 3: Cup game supposed to be in Campbell river. Super Bowl fundraiser went well.
  5. Div 4: In first place woth three league games remaining.

Next meeting March 4, 2019 at 6pm

Meeting adjourned at 7:17