In Executive Minutes

Agenda – Castaways Executive Meeting
Date: Wednesday, December 8th, 2021
Time: 7:00-8:00pm Call to order 7:08pm
Location: Zoom

Zoom Link:

Attendance: Veronica, Julia, Tyson, Marcus, Brea, Colleen Sanderson, Aidan, Sam, Cam, Jena, Merren
Not in Attendance: Tom

Exec Meeting:
Adopt last meeting minutes.
Motion to adopt – Julia, 2nd Veronica
No comments
All in favour
Last meeting action items:
Brea – Look into PISE flag handoff scheduling/planning
Working for now – good to be a bit more proactive
Jena – request league to push PISE kickoffs by 15 minutes. 
Drafted, hoping to start in the new year
Jena – draft a pre-game PISE notification for opponents.
Lee had drafted one – Jena to send out tonight 
Jena – Email team reps notifying about potential to use Carnarvon. 
Not a popular option – the area is too mucky to use.
Marcus & Tyson – Discuss if money is available for purchase of new game balls ($720 for 10 or $80 each) 
All done – we purchased
Aiden – Clarify if Passion Sports can do an online order and what cost is?
Can do online, but based on the costs we should go with Out of the Blue. Table for merchandise section. 
Veronica – Email Aiden poll results for merchandise from socials. 
Tom – Finish determining how to set up an emailing list and legal requirements of permissions.
Started research. 
Brea – Look into Royal tickets to sell.
See presidents report

Presidents Report
Socially – teams doing a good job of showing up and supporting the clubhouse. It’s been steady which is an awesome change from previously. Heading into Christmas break.
Appreciate patience with PISE flags, glad we still have 4 in good shape.
Vice-President Report – no update
Treasurers Report
We have $32,300 – more than we’ve ever had
Fields – Two outdoor fields to be paid
Still have a $2,000 credit with the Roast, confirmed by Tyson
Need to pay DSC as soon as we get cheques ($2.5k deposit paid)
Field Report
January practice schedule is in the works
Let Jena know if any cancellations if you need a new field
Finlayson keys: Jena to cut more. Div4M need keys
Julia to ask teammate about keys for lights
Equipment Report
For January: Discuss new corner flags (likely for grass)
New VISL balls purchased, as mentioned above
Confirming whether we can get another ½ kit to fill out the old U21 kit
Some socks & shorts on hand, but not large quantities
Need to streamline a bit more for future
Membership Report
Have team list for O48 now
To send Tyson full team numbers
To send Brea final DSC list to print
Include coaches/managers etc
Sponsorship Report
Social Report
Not hosting anything, but DSC has a Christmas party
Team fundraisers – if any require the clubhouse let Veronica/Merren know
Start organizing the banquet in mid-February
Will be interesting with current capacity limitations
Merren organizing 50/50 – see New Business
Website Report
Website is fixed! Only cost $100
Potential to enter service agreement, Cam getting a quote
New schedule can be entered on the website for January
Team list & contacts have been updated
Merchandise Report
Won’t have gear ready in time for Christmas
Passion sports is quite a bit more expensive for low volumes, and cheaper for high volumes. Out of the Blue is cheaper for the volumes we are likely to have. We will have to self-run the store with Out of the Blue.
Aidan will work with Colin about mocking up some items for the store.
Payments to come to
Aidan to get price list from Colin and we will look at whether it makes sense to mark up to cover minimum purchase levels or not.
Logo: to make it 1 tone to save money
To send list to exec (Veronica) so that we can browse

New business
Royal 50/50
Dec 17th – Need volunteers
Show up at 5pm, stay til 9pm
Kids sell tickets really well – if a parent wants to come for an hour and sell that’s fine
Very short notice, which we knew – somebody backed out and it’s the Teddy Bear Toss which means potential to make $4-5k
Each team has 12 tickets x $15 per ticket
Merren is organizing volunteers – reach out to her with name and email address
We have BC Gaming License
Brea to organize float
We provide tickets – gathered from clubhouse
Make more of the large batch (best deal)
Not permitted the rainbow packs anymore
4 levels: 1 for $2, 3 for $5, 7 for $10, 20 for $20
Julia should be able to lend buckets
Second game to sell tickets for is Feb 6
Year End Banquet
Scheduled for April 9th
Oak bay turf booked
Roast booked, deposit applied
Tacos chosen
To post in Jan for social
DSC Xmas Party/Grey Cup Viewing
Sunday, doors at 3
Eggnog & fireplace
Open til at least 8, tap is fully stocked!

Meeting is adjourned.

Next Meeting is: Wednesday January 12th @ 7pm