In Executive Minutes

Agenda – Castaways Executive Meeting 

Date: Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00pm

Location: Castaways Clubhouse

Attendance: Arielle, Brea, Veronica, Briar (D2W), Julia P, Aidan, Josh, Tyson, Matt G, Samantha

  1. Tyson moves to adopt past meeting minutes
    1. Matt seconds
  2. Presidents Report
    1. Royals fundraising tickets are here!
      1. All tickets have been bought, divided equally between games (300 total)
        1. D2W – 12/26/38
        2. O30A – 13/24/37
        3. O30B – 13/24/37
        4. U21M – 12/26/38
        5. D3M – 12/26/38
        6. D4M – 12/16/38
        7. O35 – 13/24/37
        8. O48 – 13/24/37
      2. Games are Jan 11th  our 50/50 night (clubhouse will not be open), and Feb 29th clubhouse will be open before hand and after.
      3. Season has been good so far, a couple good Sunday fundays.
  1. Vice-President Report
  2. Treasurers Report
    1. Cheques for Brea for 50/50
    2. CoV was behind on billing for fields so big cheque to CoV was written
    3. All paid up now on fields
    4. There are several refunds with some needing to be discussed. 
    5. Ahead of where we were last year as fields have not been as expensive but that may change
  3. Field Report
  4. Equipment Report
  5. Membership Report
    1. 146 members
      1. 91 men
      2. 55 women
      3. Several refunds and new players over the next few weeks
  6. Website Report
    1. Nothing to report
    2. Can we update field status report? It is out of date and doesn’t appear to be updating automatically so is pretty useless, maybe add links to city cities. 
  7. Sponsorship Report
    1. All money for u21 sponsorship so jerseys can be printed, asked Thain to get jerseys but have not got them yet. Jerseys will be collected after upcoming to have printed over the Christmas break
  8. Social Report
    1. Flipcup was a success, thanks to all who came
    2. Div 4m was cancelled due to licensing issue
    3. Div 3m Superbowl party is coming on Feb 2nd
    4. 030as had a successful wine raffle event
    5. 030bs have another event planned upcoming, more information will be out soon
  9. Merchandise report
    1. Email vote to top up a few items and complete order
      1. Vote was successful and merchandise should arrive around 13th December
      2. Extra items will be for sale
  10. New business
  11. Sixty-second Team Reports
    1. D2W
      1. Currently in second place behind 1st place by 1 point so hopefully they will be in first soon. Trying some new formations out
    2. O30sWA
      1. Lost last game for the second time in 2 maybe 3 years, lost to gorge. Hard game, lots of brusied egos and bodies. Their wine raffle was successful. 
    3. 030sWB
      1. No one in attendance
    4. D3M
      1. Were on a 5 game winning streak. 3 points behind first who we play after Christmas break. Superbowl party is upcoming on Feb 2nd so take Monday the 3rd off. 
    5. U21s
      1. Good chance to win the league. Had 12 yellows last game to 1 for other team. 
    6. D4M
      1. Have  2 wins now! Have been calling on the u21s a lot, which has been helpful for them. 
    7. O35s
      1. Tyson had to leave earlier so no one to report
    8. O48s
      1. No one in attendance

Next Meeting: Tuesday January 7th, 2020