In Executive Minutes

August 15, 2018 | 7:00pm

Castaways Clubhouse (714 Discovery Street)


  • O30A Women – Julia Phillips, Ali Gage, Mandy Giese
  • O30B Women – Jena Croft
  • Div 1 Women – Mits Nakagawa, Brea Moore, Renato Vieira
  • Div 2 Women – Colleen Sanderson, Laura Lessingham, Veronica Hackett, Arielle Anderson, Julia Diamond
  • Div 3 Women – Hayley Bezanson, Samantha Postle, Hannah Jenks
  • O48 Men – Geoff Briggs
  • O35 Men – Marc Morrison
  • U21 Men – Thain Breese
  • Div 3 Men – Lee Johnson, Matt Garnett, Cam Rose
  • Div 4 Men – Tyson Loreth, Kenneth Howell, Shaun Wallis

Establish Quorum

  • Quorum established.

Adopt the rules of order

  • All in favour; Motion passed.

Adopt Past minutes

  • All in favour; Motion passed.

Adopt the agenda

  • All in favour; Motion passed.

President’s report

  • The club had a very positive year, with successful fundraising. Every team completed a fundraiser for the club and the Executive organized two Royals games as a club-wide fundraiser. The Royals were pleased with our involvement and are happy to host us again this year.Positive year-end – 
  • The Discovery Sports Club (DSC) AGM is coming up in early September; Brea reminded everyone that as Castaways FC members, we pay membership to the DSC. The DSC is seeking more directors to join the board and will be looking to host some co-events with Rugby to get more traffic through the club, etc.
  • Jena/Brea have taken on bar manager roles in the interim. 

Vice President report

  • No report provided.
  • The club is seeking a VP effective this year.

Treasurer’s report

  • The club is in a positive financial position; cash positive approx. $8,000. 
  • LIWSA and VISL registration fees have been paid for this year.
  • DSC has asked for $1,000 from Castaways, which was supported by the Executive as the club is in dire need for funds.

Registrar’s report

  • Last year, the club had 4 men’s teams (Div 3, Div 4, O35, O40) and 4 women’s teams (Div 1, Div 2, Div 3, O30s – we lost one of the O30s last year as well as our Premier league). 
  • This year we are anticipating 5 men’s teams (Div 3, 4, O35, 40 and U21 – new team) as well as 5 women’s teams (Div 1, 2, 3, O30A, O30B) ; anticipating approx. 175 players (avg. 20 for men’s teams and 15 for women’s teams).
  • Registration night TBD early September – will be similar process to last year (in person at the clubhouse with payment; online registration in advance on the website).

Field & Gym Director’s report

  • Last year, Jena took over from Nat Work.
  • August training schedule is now available and posted to website; Fall schedule will be available next week.
  • Jena has copies of Finlayson Turf lights if anyone requires them.

Equipment Director’s report

  • If team reps require equipment, get in touch with Lee.
  • Nets will be available on registration night; same with Jerseys ($50 – cheque is preferred).
  • Game balls – teams to keep their ones from last year.

Social & Fundraising Director’s report

  • Year-end was positive; teams did their fundraising – every team did a fundraiser.
  • This Director position is open and the Executive would like to move forward with two Directors.
  • Responsibility is to help liaison with DSC social directors, etc to book the clubhouse for team parties.

Sponsorship Director’s report

  • Sponsorship has not been as busy due to labour day tourney no longer existing.
  • No sponsors at the year-end tourney.
  • Marc Morrison, through his restaurant, agreed to sponsor corner flags for each team for this year.
  • Club ties and t-shirts/sweatshirts will be available at registration night.

Web report

  • The registration database has been cleared and will be ready to go shortly for this year.
  • Updates will be made to the website ASAP by our contracted designer, Ryan.
  • Spending needs to be approved by the Executive (at following meeting).


  • President
    • Brea Moore voted in (nominated by Tyson, seconded by Jena). 
    • Position is filled by acclamation. 
  • Vice-President
    • Samantha voted in (nominated by Julia,  seconded by Hayley).
  • Secretary
    • Stefan voted in (nominated by Tyson, seconded by Julia).
  • Treasurer
    • Tyson voted in (nominated by Matt, seconded by Veronica).
  • Registrar
    • Julia voted in (nominated by Arielle, seconded by Tyson).
  • Field & Gym Director 
    • No vote – Jenna Croft will complete second year of two-year term.
  • Equipment Director
    • No vote – Lee Johnson will complete second year of two-year term.
  • Social & Fundraising Director (2 positions)
    • No vote – Chris MacIsaac will complete second year of two-year term.
    • Arielle voted in (nominated by Veronica, seconded by Matt).
    • Veronica voted in (nominated by Arielle, seconded by Matt).
  • Sponsorship Director
    • No vote – Matt Garnett will complete second year of two-year term.
  • Communications Director (new position).
    • Cam voted in (nominated by Jena, seconced by Arielle).

Note:   The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall hold office for a term of one 

Every Director shall hold office for a term of two years.

General Business

  • Special Resolutions to the Constitution/Bylaws 
    • BC Societies Act requires a new format by Nov 2018; therefore, Jena and Brea reformatted accordingly and were praised by the Executive for undertaking this task.
    • Two special resolutions were introduced:
      • That the Constitution of Castaways Football Club, in the form presented below, be adopted as the Constitution of the Castaways Football Club in substitution for and to the exclusion of the Castaways Football Club’s existing Constitution.
      • That the Bylaws of Castaways Football Club, in the form presented below, be adopted as the Bylaws of the Castaways Football Club in substitution for and to the exclusion of the Castaways Football Club’s existing Bylaws.
    • A motion to adopt these two special resolutions was put forward by Jena and seconded by Lee; all in favour; motion passed.
  • Motion to increase Registration Fees for the upcoming season 
    • The Executive has discussed increasing fees for this year by $25, to a total of $325 per player. Rationale is that fees have not increased in at least 12 years, cost of new equipment/jerseys, and increasing field rental costs (to fund the City’s Finlayson redesign project, etc). The proposed increased is on par with what other clubs are charging.
    • A motion to increase fees to $325 per player was put forward by Matt and seconded by Veronica; all in favour; motion passed.
  • Motion to change Fiscal Year 
    • Currently, the club’s fiscal year is Jan 1 to Dec 31. As the soccer season runs from Sept 1 to June 1, it makes much more sense for us to change our fiscal calendar year from Dec to June. 
    • Tyson proposed that the fiscal year for 2018 be extended from Jan 1, 2018 to June 1, 2019
    • The motion was put forwarded by Julia; seconded by Marc. All in favour; motion passed.

Adjournment 8:00 p.m.