In Executive Minutes

Castaways Executive Meeting – August 15, 2016

Sarah Macgregor, Alana Davidson, Matt Garnett, Cam Rose, Tyson Loreth, Lee Johnson, Stefan Colantonio, Alison Sweeton, Geoff Briggs, Alli Malpass, Maria Jose Pria, Natalie Work, Katie Flowerdew-Wick, Julia Diamond, Marc Morrison, Ryan Emo, Brea Moore

Registrar Report
Registration night will be September 7, 2016 and links for preregistration will be sent out by registrar first.
There is a $50 deposit for teams receiving new jerseys.

Presidents Report
Castaways will not be doing hosting a labour day weekend tournament this year and will need to make up the forgone revenue. Last year Castaways fundraised approximately $3,700 from the tournament.
There is a goal for each team to fundraise $1,000 and teams should contact the Katie (Social Director) prior to booking the Clubhouse.

Vice-President Report
Discussed options for fundraising this season to make up for the revenue that we usually brought in from the Labour Day weekend tournament. Options included selling Victoria Royal game tickets and 50-50 tickets for the associated games.

Treasurers Report
General discussion on: trend of registration numbers and the potential to invest in another turf.

Equipment Report
Teams are to get in touch with Lee Johnson to pick-up equipment.

Website Report
New website will be coming soon.
A point was raised that the website database is critical for registration.

Dates for next meetings
Next meetings are set for September 12 and October 17. Both are at the Clubhouse at 6:00pm.

Motions Introduced
A motion was introduced to reduce registration for members for the executive and directors. The motion included a 100 percent reduction in fees for: President, Fields Coordinator, and Treasurer. It also included a 50 percent reduction in fees for: Vice-President, Secretary, Registrar, Social Coordinator, Sponsorship Director, and Equipment Director. The motion was passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned.