In Executive Minutes

Agenda – Castaways Executive Meeting 

Date: Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Time: 6-7pm

Location: Clubhouse

Attendance: Tyson, Veronica, Jena, Aiden, Samantha, Marcus, Catherine (O30B), 

Non-Attendance: Brea, Connor, Cam, Merren

Exec Meeting:

  1. Adopt last meeting minutes
    1. Tyson, Marcus Seconds 
  2. Presidents Report
    1. N/A
  3. Vice-President Report
    1. Ironman fundraiser – email needs to be sent out, we need someone to organize
    2. Maybe the Div 3 men? 
    3. Vee to give a shout out for banquet to try and get people
    4. Aiden will be point person 
    5. Sam not staying on as VP for next season 
  4. Treasurers Report
    1. clean up final invoices from the season 
    2. successful season financially 
    3. Tyson to touch base with Merren regarding direct deposit payments -fundraiser or party?
    4. Tyson to stay one next year, but may be last year 
  5. Field Report
    1. OB and city of Victoria working on invoices – UVIC make-up game invoice 
    2. fields are done
    3. working on getting fields for O30A teams for practices for provincials  
    4. potentially someone interested in taking over fields next year for Jena
  6. Equipment Report
    1. talked with John, no confirmation about men’s jerseys because of sizing issues 
    2. later returns for jerseys? – unsure of what to do to get the stragglers 
      1. give deadline for returns, end of the weekend? 
    3. every team should have two flags for next season to be their own – no more transferring 
      1. may need to get at most 4 more 
    4. gave O48s old blue jerseys but haven’t gotten anything back 
      1. if not returned won’t give them jerseys next year 
    5. O35s will probably need to order a new kit 
    6. Women’s Div. 1 has sponsorship to order a new kit for next year 
    7. good for socks and shorts for now – probably won’t need tons for next year 
  7. Membership Report
    1. N/A 
  8. Sponsorship Report
    1. Div 1 womens got sponsorship from western grator for new kits and jackets 
    2. Leigh is taking charge on that for the team 
  9. Social Report
    1. banquet is Saturday
    2. tournament is Saturday 
    3. 90 tickets to the banquet sold 
    4. banquet starts at 6:30 – food at 7:30 and awards throughout
    5. door open at the clubhouse at 10:30 – ticket needed for priority entrance
    6. Div 1 has stepped up to set up banquet and take down  
  10. Website Report
    1. Domain Renewal coming up, Cam will email Tyson for reimbursement of Fee ($19.99)
      1. done
    2. Looking into get sponsors logos up on the website, should be easy and believes that its is already set-up just needs to be” activated”. 
  11. Merchandise Report
    1. jackets for trying on – Vee will post pictures of the sizes being tried on over socials 
    2. Store is open – closes April 11th 
  12. New business
    1. N/A 
  13. 60 sec team reports
    1. Div 1W
      1. Finished 3rd for the season, great start
      2. Justin is staying to coach next year 
    2. O30A
      1. still playing, won their cup
    3. O30B
      1. finished in 2nd (yay!) 
    4. Div 3M
      1. N/A
    5. Div 4M
      1. N/A
    6. O35M
      1. finished 2nd overall 
      2. good season overall 
      3. lots of people had injuries and may not be back 
    7. O48s
      1. N/A 
  14. Meeting is adjourned. 

Next Meeting is: 

August TBD