In Executive Minutes

Attendance: Brea Moore, Stefan Colantonio, Ryan Emo, Tyson Loreth, Julia Diamond, Jena Croft, Elenor Arend, Ali Malpass, Chris MacIsaac, Cam Rose, Rose Weakes, Mits Nakagawa, Lee Johnson.

Motion to Adopt Minutes:
Motion introduced by Tyson and seconded by Julia

Presidents Report
The club hosted a social event on the previous Friday.

Vice-President Report
The club will organize a fundraiser through the Victoria Royals. We will be selling 50-50 tickets at one of the Royals games and will be selling tickets to two of the games.
The 50-50 event will occur at the January 5,,2018 game vs Everett.
Decision: It was agreed that the club will sell tickets for the February 23, 2018 Royals game (in addition to selling tickets to the Jan 5 game). The club will host a social night for the Feb 23 game.
Decision: It was agreed that the club will sell 100 tickets for first game and 200 for second game. The ticket sales will be split by team and if teams do not sell enough tickets they are responsible to cover the cost of unsold tickets.
For the 50-50 night we need at least 3 volunteers from each team.

Treasurers Report
There was a discussion about if the club receives a credit form the league for the Women’s premier team that folded.

Field Report
No major updates. Each team needs a key for Finlayson.

Equipment Report
Most teams have their equipment.
There was a discussion about if the over 48 team receives socks. This raised the issue of what the team’s relationship is with the club.
Action: Lee to look into a policy/plan for the price of socks for next yea

Action: The executive will look into status of and the club’s relationship with the over 48 team including how much the team has paid in the past.

New Membership Report
There are two fewer teams than last year, but number of players per team is up.
Action: If there are new women’s players, teams are to give Julia the player info by Wednesday

Website Report
The contact list is updated on website.
Looking at changing home page so news is up front.
Contact Cam if you have suggestions for changes.

Sponsorship Report
There are no new sponsors to report. Working on a new sponsorship package for the club. Pricing custom club neckties for a special order as per the discussion last meeting. 

Social Report
There are a number of social events booked:
October 27 – Halloween party hosted by div 1 women
February 4 – SuperBowl hosted by Div 3 men.
Action: Stefan will confirm date for the Div 4 men’s fundraiser.
Action: Bree will contact president of rugby to find out about away games for Saturday so we can book clubhouse.

New business
Merchandise representative – the club is looking for new merchandise representative. Matt is looking at options to post on website for convenience
Action: Team reps are to email teams about asking for a member to volunteer for merchandise rep.

Sixty-second Team Reports

Div 1– won 1-0, still looking for a goalie
Div 2 – tied 1-1, have 20 players
Div 3 – lost 1-0, good game, 14 players, looking for a few additional players
O30 United – Won first game 3-1, 21 players, new contact for tam rep, need to get equip
Div 3 – Lost first game 3-2 lost in last minute. 3-4 new signings
Div 4 – Won 3-1, 18 plus signed
035 – Lots of new players, Lost first game

Next meeting:
Date of next meeting is October 16 at 6:00pm.

Meeting adjourned at 6:52pm