In Executive Minutes

Agenda – Castaways Executive Meeting 

Date: Tuesday, October 15th

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00pm

Location: Castaways Clubhouse

Attendance: Fiona (030As), Stephen (U21s), Jeff (O48s), Marren (WD2), Sydney (D2W) Stephanie (O30Bs) Josh (Div 3M), Jena, LJ, Brea, Aidan, Arielle, Veronica, Connor, Samantha


  1. Presidents Report
    1. Waiting to find out royals 50/50 dates. New survey method so waiting to hear back whether we get the requested dates. 
    2. U21 fine is being dealt with, emails have been sent or are being sent.
  2. Vice-President Report
  3. Treasurers Report
    1.  As of today we have $27,908.34 dollars in the bank. I will be depositing the post dated cheques later this week. Once I have deposits all of them, I will update the executive team. I know I owe Lee money, I don’t believe anybody else is owed money right now. Other than that I don’t have anything else to update.
  4. Registrars Report
    1. Collect another $3,190 ($150 is socks and shorts)
    2. U21 has been all paid up ( 1 has been deregistered) 
    3. Several outstanding Div 4 players ( 1 hasn’t paid but isn’t playing, 1 has played but hasn’t paid) 
  5. Field Report
    1. Checks for field haven’t been delivered yet
    2. Updated practice schedule is being sent out asap
    3. Any issues contact Jena Croft
  6. Equipment Report
    1. Everybody should have everything
    2. If you need anything contact LJ,
    3. All game balls should have been distributed. PLEASE DO NOT LOSE THESE AS THEY ARE GOOD QUALITY BALL!!!!
    4. If you need any first aid kit or supplies please contact LJ
  7. Website Report
    1. I have no update, the October and onward practise schedule will be up shortly. Apologies for the delay.
  8. Sponsorship Report
    1. I have been searching for a printing company that will print on jerseys that have been worn (very few), and of those, it is either a 3-week turnaround or cost prohibitive to buy us a 2-week turnaround. So we ultimately have 2 options: 1) get the U21’s an alternate while the jerseys are complete, or 2) wait until Christmas to have it done over the break.
  9. Social Report
    1. Nothing to report
    2. Clubhouse is open at 2 on Sunday so Sunday Funday is happening
    3. Div 4s are doing horseracing, Div 3s are doing the superbowl party
    4. DSC Halloween FUNdraiser is on Nov 2, tickets are $5 and go on sale at the DSC agm on Oct 24th. 
  10. Merchandise Report
    1. Clothing store is open, will close again OCTOBER 31ST talk to the team reps to get code to purchase, no charges till the 31st and pickup will be at Teamsales or to be arranged
  11. New Business
  1. Sixty-second Team Reports
    1. Div 2 W – Have not lost, won 3 games tied 2, starting to get a few injuries but holding on okay and couple interesting match with disrespectful coaches. Soon to be first
    2. O30As – Tied twice and won twice w/ no goals against (w/o a GK) now have two weeks off.
    3. O30Bs – lost first two games and won last three 
    4. Div 3M – 3-2-1, won 5-0 on the weekend, starting to gel and play well, great rookie party but some injuries
    5. Div 4M – Still looking for a goalie, bottom of the table but won their last game
    6. U21s – Have won all games except one, beat Nanaimo 6-0 last game, playing well and few injuries to report. 23 signed.
    7. O35s – 5-1 tied at the top of the division w/ cowichan 49ers. Team is playing and gelling well. Lots of Div 4s have come up and contributed well.
    8. O48s – 2-2 supposed to play in Mill Bay but had to cancel due to number, lost a few gained a few and some injuries but that life. 
    1. IF a team has 5 players at the AGM then the president will buy them a pitcher of their choice 

Next Meeting is November 12th @ 6pm Bar will be Open!!!