In Executive Minutes

Date: Monday October 15, 2018

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00pm

Location: Castaways Clubhouse


Stefan Colantonio, Matt Garnett, Samantha Postle, Veronica Hackett, Tyson Loreth, Lee Johnson, Julia Phillips, Stephanie Munsie (O30B), Janna Jenks (div 3), Fred Thomson (u21), Geoff, Mark (035), Arielle Anderson

Regrets: Brea Moore, Julia Diamond, Cam Rose

Adoption of Minutes

  • Tyson introduced a motion to approve the previous minutes; the motion was seconded by Veronica; all in favour – motion passed.

Ongoing business and Summary of Action Items

  • Complete, see attachment.

1. Presidents Report

  • Action: Stefan to make sure u21 included on DSC emails.
  • Brea submitted a written report (appendix 1)

2. Vice-President Report

  • Samantha went to the District of Oak Bay field meeting. Carnarvon Park will get a major makeover in the near future. An open house to provide more information is coming up at the Oak Bay Recreation centre on November 3 and 4. There is also a survey on the Oak Bay website that they hope to be complete by April 2019. 
  • There was a discussion on having a club response as we are users of the field.

3. Treasurers Report

  • If you have cheques, please get to Tyson.

4. Field Report

  • Jena submitted a written report via email, which included: If members have any urgent requests please contact Jena. She will catch up on fields work in the evenings this week.

5.Equipment Report

  • Contact Lee if you need jerseys. We have paint for Carnarvon.
  • We pay up to $75 for gloves. There was a question on if the club will pay the same about to a player for a goalie jersey.
  • Action: Stefan to find what we voted on with respect to glove refunds.

6. New Membership Report (submitted via email)

  • Team rosters are looking good. I’m unaware of numbers for men’s teams as players self-register through VISL but am pretty sure numbers are good. In terms of women’s teams, Div 3 = 21 players; Div 2 = 18 players; O30A = 19 players; O30B = 17 players. 
  • Huge thank you to Tyson for continuing to collect fees on my behalf while I’m away.
  • Thank you to team reps for notifying me when you have a new player to sign (rather than players contacting me directly) and for giving adequate notice.
  • A reminder that fees for players decrease by $15 for every game played. So for example, if the player wants to sign for the weekend game and 4 games have passed, fees would be $265.
  • If you have any feedback or questions on the process don’t hesitate to contact me.

7. Website Report 

  • Submitted via email which included: Women’s schedules will be up by this Wednesday.

8. Sponsorship Report

  • No updates

9. Social Report

  • Division 2 women’s Halloween fundraiser is on October 26. 
  • Social director will track down frames for team pictures and attend all team’s games to take club photos. 
  • Will increase the online engagement. 
  • There will be a winter social in December. 

10. Team Reports


  • Div 2 – Upcoming fundraiser party. Wining and tying games.
  • Div 3 – New signing. 2-1-2 this season. Couple upcoming Friday night games.
  • O30 United (A) – No updates. Had firs tie.
  • O30 FC (B) – Won half of games.


  • U21 – Big roster of 23 guys. Playing really well but not scoring. 2-2-1. Play this Friday 7pm at PISE.
  • Div 3 – Good win on Sunday after a couple tough losses. Good turnout to clubhouse.
  • Div 4 – We are 5-0. Some games will be played agasint other div 4 pool.
  • O35 – 1-3-2. Has a team photo. 25 players and 4 non-players. Tie and 4-0 win.
  • O48 – 18 guys signed which is good. Playing well but no get results except 6-0 yesterday.

Next meeting Tuesday November 12 at 6pm

Adjourned at 6:50