In Executive Minutes

Date: Tuesday November 13, 2018

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00pm

Location: Castaways Clubhouse


Matt Garnett, Julia Diamond, Brea Moore, Cam Rose, Samantha Postle, Jena Croft, Arielle Anderson, Julia Phillips, Lee Johnson, Tyson Loreth

Regrets: Stefan Colantonio

Adoption of Minutes

  • Cam introduced a motion to approve the previous minutes; the motion was seconded by Jena; all in favour – motion passed.

Ongoing business and Summary of Action Items

  • Summary of action items were discussed and the document was updated.

1. President Report

  • Positive attendance at the clubhouse – Friday nights; Sundays post-games.
  • U21 guys under 19 cannot attend the clubhouse – at this time, special license not worth it (special events license with minors in attendance); we will seek to apply for this type of license for clubhouse afterparty of 2019 year-end banquet (wristbands will be used so that <19 year old’s are not served liquor).
  • Royals 50/50 – February (Family Day weekend). Still need to pick a second game.

ACTION: Brea to bring list of dates for next game to the next executive meeting.

2. Vice-President Report

  • Nothing to report.

3. Treasurer Report

  • Nothing to report. Cheques are going out as needed.

4. Field Report

  • Recent e-mail and draft practice schedule for January has gone out; any change requests to go to Jena.

5.Equipment Report

  • Few people have been asking for jerseys for new players; any other issues, please let Lee know.
  • Line paint is with Jena for Carnarvon.
  • Cheque has been provided to John at Soccer World for the season.

6. New Membership Report

  • Approx. 150 members this year; this list will be used to pay DSC fees due Dec 1.
  • Only 2 refunds – both Div 2s.

7. Website Report

  • Men’s games schedules are posted; women’s schedules are not – this will be fixed going forward.
  • New website redesign – ready to go live; brings events/news/practice schedules to the main page.

8. Sponsorship Report

  • U21 sponsorships – still looking for leads.

9. Social Report

  • Looking at Nov/Dec party options.
  • Social media ongoing.

10. New business 

  1. Upcoming DSC AGM – Nov 20, 8:30pm (bar at 7:30pm for social hour).
  1. Merchandise website – should be live through TeamSales Nov 15-29; purchases guaranteed for Christmas. 

ACTION: Brea to post DSC AGM on website/Facebook/Instagram and send to team reps.

  1. Adding a field status page to the website – Cam will talk to Ryan about this; may cost a little bit ($150-200).

ACTION: Cam to get a quote for adding field status to website and bring back to next meeting.

  1. Keeper equipment (Lee) – In the past, we have provided $75 to keepers for gloves; now teams are asking about keeper jerseys in lieu of gloves – is this something we want to consider? Executive agreed that $75 “bonus” can be allocated for keeper gear (gloves, pants, jerseys, etc) per season – with a receipt – and this should be granted to each team (rather than each keeper).

ACTION: Tyson to notify U21 of the implicit policy for $75 allotment for jersey gear.

  1. Qualifications for Directors as per New Societies Act (Julia) – executive members to sign; will be filed away in the dropbox.

11. Team Reports


  1. Div 2: one loss
  2. Div 3: middle of the pack; sponsorship for jackets
  3. O30A: haven’t lost yet (one tie); 8/9 injuries; wine tickets for sale (Dec 7 draw)
  4. O30B: couple losses


  1. U21: no rep present
  2. O35s: no rep present
  3. O40: no rep present
  4. Div 3: couple losses; heading to SSI and staying the night for rookie party
  5. Div 4: doing well; lots of ties

Next meeting: December 10, 2018