In Executive Minutes

Agenda – Castaways Executive Meeting 

Date: Tuesday November 12th, 2019

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00pm

Location: Castaways Clubhouse

Attendance: Tyson Lorath, Arielle Anderson, Samantha Postle, Jenna Croft, Julia Philips, Cam Rose, Brea Moore, Veronica Hackett, Sukhi (D2W), Tessa (D2W), Val (030B), LJ, Stephanie (30B), Aidan Elkin, Geoff (O45s)

  • Sam motions to adopt the minutes from last meeting
    • Tyson seconds
    • Minutes are adopted and meeting commences
  1. Presidents Report
    1. Not much to say
    2. Sunday Fundays have been well attended
      1. DSC leaders ask that teams get to club house asap after games as clubby is sitting empty for a while
  2. Vice-President Report
  3. Treasurers Report
    1. Not much of an update as of right now
    2. Everything is looking good, balance is sitting at roughly $28,000
    3. Fields are paid till December and DSC fees are due coming up
    4. Appears we have slightly more funding this year than last at same point
  4. Field Report
    1. Not much to report
    2. Several field request to complete and will be getting to them later this week
    3. One u21 game to reschedule and 030As to reschedule
  5. Equipment Report
    1. Not much to update
    2. LJ thanks Brea for opening the bar
    3. If you need equipment or anything contact LJ
    4. If anyone needs socks let LJ know and he can arrange a new order
    5. Several pairs of shorts left
  6. Membership Report
    1. Two refunds for injuries
    2. U21 have one player guy whos not playing
    3. D4s have a player registered but not playing as well
  7. Website Report
    1. Nothing to report
  8. Sponsorship Report
    1. Got the second check for u21 sponsor
      1. Only 1 printer will do printing on used jersey, turn around is 3 weeks so Matt is looking for alternative jerseys for them to wear during this time.
  9. Social Report
    1. Social is good, thanks to those who respond to emails
    2. Flip-cup Fundraiser
      1. So far no u21s but they will pull through
      2. Div 4Ms are having their fundraiser on Nov 29th
      3. Clubhouse will be open Nov 22nd post Div 3M game
  10. Merchandise Report
    1. Store has been closed
    2. Some items are needing to be bulked up
    3. Brea has asked what it would cost for all orders to be bulked enough to order it all. 
    4. Jenna has asked about whether extra items can be used for teams raffles etc.
  11. New business
    1. Royals 50/50 fundraiser set
      1. First set for Sat Jan 11th
      2. Second needs to be set
        1. Potential dates
          1. – Fri Feb 7th @ 7:05 – Friday following Super Bowl Party
          2. – Sat Feb 8th @ 7:07 – Saturday following Super Bowl Party
          3. – Fri Feb 21st @ 7:05
          4. – Sat Feb 29th @ 7:05
          5. – Fri Mar 13th @ 7:05 – day before St. Pattys day
          6. – Sat Mar 14th @ 7:05 – St. Pattys day
        2. Unanimous vote for second date to be Feb 29th
    2. Membership fees are due
      1. Tyson and Julia will talk and get check for next meeting
    3. Is there interest in an ugly sweater party?
      1. The bar will try to bring in Eggnog for Rum and Egg nog special
  1. Sixty-second Team Reports
    1. D2W – Doing good, they have 20 points in second place, 3 goals against all season. Killing it
    2. O30A – Doing well, won last 2 games. Thanks to some of the O30Bs who came and played on Friday to help with low numbers, 1 make up game to play against gorge, schedule just got released for this weekend, but they have a bye. 
    3. O30B – Right where they want to be. In third place where they wanna be keep losing to top 2 teams but winning every other game
    4. D3M – Beat SFFC (1 place behind us) 4-1 on the weekend, very rough game. Movember is going strong and otherwise season is good. 
    5. D4M – No player in attendance
    6. U21s – Doing really well, close or tied for first, winning there last few games by good amounts, no injuries so far.
    7. O35s – Beat team ahead of them 2-1 on the weekend, right behind UVIC in second place, 25 guys with good rotation. Good opportunity to finish second.
    8. O45s – No pregnancies to report, having a lot of fun but also a lot of injuries. 

Next meeting is December 10th