In Executive Minutes

Agenda – Castaways Executive Meeting 

Date: Monday May 3rd, 2021

Time: 6:00 pm – 6:30pm (Board Meeting) 6:30 – 7:00pm (Exec Meeting)

Location: Skype/Zoom 

Zoom Link:

Attendance: Brea, Sam, Cam, Veronica, Merren, Matt, Aidan, Julia, Shannon, Josh, Tim, Catherine

Not in Attendance: Tyson, Marcus,

Board Meeting:

  1. Refund Discussion
    1. Refund will be $120/player.
    2. 3 options for refund
      1. Refund fees
      2. Credit fees to next season
      3. Donate to DSC/Castaways
    3. Responses due by June 1
    4. Brea will send email to team reps to be sent to players asking for answer.
    5. No response will be counted as a donation to the club.
  2. Payment to Ryan for Website
    1. Has done lots of free work on website.
    2. Some falls under regular fees but he goes above and beyond.
    3. Will wait for an invoice for now and revisit a thank you August. 

Exec Meeting:

  1. Adopt last meeting minutes.
    1. Sam moves to adopt the meeting minutes.
    2. Veronica Seconds
  2. Presidents Report
    1. Nothing to report since last meeting.
    2. See above board meeting for the refund discussion.
    3. Tyson has not reached out to Roast but will follow up soon.
  3. Vice-President Report
    1. Nothing to add.
    2. Trying to work on adding a div 3w team for next year. 
      1. Talking to LIWSA about going straight into Div 2
  4. Treasurers Report
    1. Will be dealing with refunds.
    2. Financials are doing well thanks to the 2 grants that Sam secured for us. 
  5. Field Report
    1. No report
  6. Equipment Report
    1. No report
  7. Membership Report
    1. Will work with Tyson to process refunds
  8. Sponsorship Report
    1. No report
  9. Social Report
    1. No report
  10. Website Report
    1. Working on getting website back online
  11. Merchandise Report
    1. Teamsales is providing a discount to individuals who purchased sweatpants w/o pockets as people did not want to return and have remade. 
    2. Aidan has hats for all people who bought them + extras. 
      1. Hats are $25 and can be bought from Aidan. 
  12. New business
    1. No new business
  13. Meeting is adjourned. 

Next Meeting is: Monday August 9th, 2021.