In Executive Minutes


Alana Davidson, Matt Garnett, Cam Rose, Tyson Loreth, Lee Johnson, Stefan Colantonio, Alison Sweeton, Geoff Briggs, Natalie Work, Katie Flowerdew-Wick, Ryan Emo, Brea Moore

1. Presidents Report

  • Still working with the staff at the PISE program regarding having their students organize the Castaways Labour Day tournament. 
  • Heard from one of eight of u18 teams that we reached out to about starting a Castaways u21 team next year. The u18 team’s coach indicated he had several requests/conditions, including using Castaways field time to run his kid’s camps.
    • Consensus was the club can not afford to give up field time for free. Brea will communicate this to the coach.
  • The Division 3 women taking on iron man station as their fundraiser. The club offered may request a volunteering at a second station. Details include:
    • Volunteer going to a couple meetings regarding logistics.
    • Castaways needs 15-20 volunteers day of race.
    • Event is on June 4, 2015.
    • We received $500 last year for running bike station. There was a discussion about if another team would to take a second fundraising station as part of their fundraiser.
  • The club can start advertising about “Labour Day Tournament”. Brea will create a poster. The club needs to find out if Soccer World is willing to sponsor the event again. The club will need to rebrand name because tournament is not on Labour day anymore (it is now one week before labour day).

2. Vice-President Report

  • Working with LG and Hoyne regarding mugs for year-end. Hoyne is interested in pre-season tournament.

3. Treasurers Report

  • No major updates. Paid the half of the deposit for roast.

4. Field Report

  • Nat provided an update on some of the filed bookings and related costs. Highlights include:
    • We received an invoice from Oak Bay for approximately $800.
    • Finlayson is booked for April for provincials. If all teams knocked out, we can call city to ask of we can get receive a refund.
    • LBWSA owes the club money ($130) for unused fields form game where referee did not show up.
  • Starting to book fields for next season.
  • Nat reminded the club about the need to find a new fields coordinator for next year.

5.Equipment Report

  • Get in touch with Lee when you want to get your kit for getting jerseys back. Also can get gear back from teams.

6. New Membership Report

  • O35 Men have signed one new player. Julia will arrange to get the fees to Tyson.

7. Website Report

  • Email Cam if you need your event posted. Still looking at doing a photo shoot with jerseys.
  • There was discussion about getting Ryan’s photographer out to the games.

8. Sponsorship Report

  • Sponsorship is ready for the year-end tournament. Matt will send out list to team reps. Oak bay rec is not allowing us to advertise; however, we are still offering table sponsors for the banquet at the downtown market. Get in contact with Matt if product to donate.

9. Social Report

  • Katie provided an update on the status of the year-end banquet.
  • The Division 2 women are hosting the St patty’s day party on Friday.


  • There was a discussion on the status of a recent order.
  • Moving forward, the club is trying make merchandise available for sale on the website.

10. Team Reports

  • Prem W – In semi finals in cup. Already made provincials. Will bring royals fundraising money asap
  • Div 1 – Done for cup. Makeup game on Saturday. May need o35 to permit.
  • Div 2 – Out of cup. If they win this weekend win the division.
  • Div 3 – Done all cup games. Has one game that is still to be rescheduled, but may not happen.
  • Over 30 FC – out of cup. Three makeup games left. Middle of pack
  • Over 30 United – won all three of group stage cup games. Has a final game on Friday night. Declined going to provincials because missing players. Has 4 makeup games.
  • Div 3 men – In semi finals of cup with sat 5pm vs Gorge. Provincial berth on the line.
  • Div 4 – In semi finals of div 4 cup.
  • 035 Juniors – Also in the semi finals. Come from behind and won 5-4 in overtime.
  • 040 – n/a

Closing remarks

  • Brea reiterated that the club needs a new field coordinator and social coordinator. The club will need to start brainstorming names. When asking if club members to volunteer, the club will highlight that fees (or portions of fees) are waved.

Next meeting: Monday April 10, 2017