In Executive Minutes

Agenda – Castaways Executive Meeting 

Date: Monday February 11, 2020

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00pm

Location: Castaways Clubhouse


Adopt minutes: Tyson, second Lee

  1. Adopt last meeting agenda
    1. Tyson moves
    2. Lee Seconds
  2. Presidents Report
    1. 50/50 went well $4862.50 was raised
    2. Good date to hold 50/50 in future
    3. Brea is buying Sam a new hat out of presidents fund
    4. Would people be interested in castaways drink cozies 
      1. 2 options
        1. Softshell w/ screen print 5$ minimum 150
        2. Hardshell w/ etched logo $15 minimum 150
  1. Vice-President Report
    1. Good turn out to 50/50. Thanks team reps for getting people
    2. Ironman is starting to search for volunteers 
      1. Sam/Rose will captain the bike station
      2. Pays about $900 but needs about 20-25 other volunteers
  2. Treasurers Report
    1. No update
    2. A lot out but lots to come in still
    3. Credits with Oak Bay/SD61/PISE
    4. Ahead of where we were last year
    5. 3 teams have paid ticket monies for first game
      1. Div 3, 030a, 030b all paid
      2. Rest of teams still owe
  3. Field Report
    1. Not much to say other than lots of cancellations
    2. Is working hard to schedule make up games
      1. Let her know if you need games rescheduled
  4. Equipment Report
    1. Nothing
  5. Membership Report
    1. 3 new members otherwise nothing new
  6. Website Report
    1. Field status page is being rejigged to be more user friendly
  7. Sponsorship Report
    1. Got the jerseys screen printed and are back with the team. Look really good!
  8. Social Report
    1. Tickets for year end will go on sale soon
      1. Need ticket/id for both clubby and banquet
    2. 5 more volunteers are needed for the banquet night setup
    3. Few guys to setup would be helpful as chairs and tables are heavy
    4. D2W will be hosting tournament and having liquor raffle at same time
    5. Most fundraising has been done
      1. U21s/div4s still organizing theirs
    6. Get awards to Vee by Feb 22 (2 per team, if youd like a 3rd team pays)
  9. Sixty-second Team Reports
    1. D2W: All games have been postponed, won last game 7-0 and have 2 more games this weekend
    2. 030A: Have a bunch of games postponed too. Last game was 2 weeks ago and won 5-0. 
    3. 030B: 1 game since the new years and last week got cancelled cause ref no showed. Having issues rescheduling
    4. D3M: Lost first cup game to first place team in 3A. Have a good chance to finish first in the league. Will come down to last game
    5. D4M: Slowly improved over the course of year after almost folding. No longer in last place and have a solid core that won against the top team in the league 4-1 last week. Looking forward to last part of season
    6. U21M: Tough new years. Have lost last few games but have a chance to make provincials. 3rd place currently
    7. 035M: Lost a tough game to uvic. In 4th place could potentially finish 3rd. Cup starts next weekend.
    8. 048M: No show
  10. New business
    1. Issues recruiting goalies
      1. Is it possible to waive some or all of registration for FULLTIME keepers? 
        1. We already offer $75 for gloves/jerseys
      2. What are other solutions to attract goalies.
  11. Action Items

Next Meeting is March 3