In Executive Minutes

Agenda – Castaways Executive Meeting 

Date: Tuesday 8 December, 2020

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00pm

Location: Skype 

Attendance: Brea, Sam, Tyson, Connor, Julia, Jena, Merran, Veronica, Tim (048s), Geoff (048s), Kat (D1W), Josh (D4M), Aidan, Cam, Matt

  1. Adopt last meeting agenda
    1. Veronica Moves to adopt past meeting minutes/agenda
      1. Brea seconds
  2. Presidents Report
    1. Has reached out to Roast about refund but no response yet
      1. Will keep following up
    2. Season is on hold at this time
  3. Vice-President Report
    1. VIAsport grant announcement has been pushed to January
  4. Treasurers Report
    1. Not much to update
    2. Still have money in the bank
    3. Bit to early to discuss refund w/ LIWSA or VISL. Will start following up in January.
    4. LIWSA fees have been paid up to December 31 so not much to be refunded
    5. VISL has full season fees so will need to discuss with them about getting some fees back.
  5. Field Report
    1. All field bookings are cancelled to January 8th. Please don’t use them till then
      1. We will be getting some money back
      2. Fall booking have been paid
  6. Equipment Report
    1. Everyone has most equipment 
  7. Membership Report
    1. 41 women, 44 men
    2. Process refunds for 2 d3M (Matt and Justin N)
    3. BC Soccer didn’t charge for Colleen which was a one exception
    4. Sprout is registered as a practice player w/ D3
      1. If players want to register other than that
    5. Small amount of funds outstanding otherwise. 
  8. Sponsorship Report
    1. No new money coming
    2. Looked at the Bottle Depot
      1. Can set-up a Bottle Depot account 
        1. BD keeps tally and mails cheque when account reaches $100 dollars
      2. Matt will get the account set-up
  9. Social Report 
    1. Gotten the approval from Brea to send out an email about fundraising incentive for team that raises most $$$
    2. Prize is $100 towards something (Can’t just be cash)
    3. End date is March 31
  10. Website Report
    1. Up to date with contacts and minutes
    2. COVID docs will be uploaded this weekend
  11. Merchandise Report
    1. No shorts but will be sweatpants otherwise things will be the same as last year
    2. Will have both crewneck and hoodie sweatshirts
  12. New business
    1. Talked with DSC about membership fees and stated that soccer was ready to pay membership fees this year
      1. Exec will approach rugby to see where they are as DSC doesn’t want to charge fees to one and not
      2. Exec is in agreement that paying full fees regardless as lost of DSC would be big blow to club
    2. VISL turf field
      1. Should look into providing funding to get some preferential time slots
      2. Will time period be extended in light of COVID
      3. Will be tabled to January Exec meeting
  13. 60 second team report
    1. Div 1W
    2. O30BW
      1. O30B Report – we played 5 of our 6 scheduled games. Everything went well. We are planning to play after Jan 8 if possible.
    3. Div 3M
    4. Div 4M
    5. O48M
      1. 048s Report…we’re grateful for the games we got to play and hope everyone stays safe over coming weeks and that we get to play in the 2021 🙂

Next Meeting is: January 11th, 6pm, Location TBD