In Executive Minutes

Minutes: Castaways Annual General Meeting 2019

August 28, 2018 | 7:00pm

Castaways Clubhouse (714 Discovery Street)


  • O30A Women –
  • O30B Women –
  • Div 1 Women –
  • Div 2 Women –
  • Div 3 Women –
  • O48 Men –
  • O35 Men –
  • U21 Men –
  • Div 3 Men –
  • Div 4 Men –

Establish Quorum

  • Quorum established.

Adopt Past minutes

  • All in favour (Tyson,.. Verinica); Motion passed.

Adopt the agenda

  • All in favour (Jena, ConnorTrelany); Motion passed.

President’s report

  • Brea provided a summary of last year, highlights include:
    • lost a div 1 team, gained a u21 team)
    • we had a strong attendance at executive
    • Royals game fundraiser was a success.
    • Struggled with number of fundraisers…
    • Good attendance at clubhouse on Sundays
    • Year-end banquet was a success.

Vice President report

  • N/a

Treasurer’s report

  • Fields are increasing in cost, almost offset by strong revenue from teams having large rosters (revenue from fees higher than budget)
  • Increase in cost for jerseys for u21 b/c there was not a sponsorship (not expected again this year).
  • $8800 in bank account.
  • Reminder to maximize field costs. (e.g., sharing turf time, no unused)
  • Action: Tyson to send updated version to Stefan for appendix to minutes)

Registrar’s report

  • N/A
  • Action: Executive will need to set up a registration date

Field & Gym Director’s report

  • Costs were up
  • Down one team, but rented out some of these spots to Fernwood
  • Growing pain last season – all field providers switched to new system
  • Will try to sublet fields to other teams, don’t want to let go of times because hard to get back in future. Fernwood renting from us again.

Equipment Director’s report

  • Most teams have equipment
  • Net and corner flags will be handed out at registration night
  • There will be game balls for girls teams…
  • Brea: we have enough jerseys for all womens teams… full kits for everyone.

Social & Fundraising Director’s report

  • Kicaround on Aug 18 was successful
  • Instagram account is active reminder to let social directors know if there is anything you need shared over the Instagram.
  • Planning on organizing club events for a home game for each team.
  • More team pictures will be added to clubhouse walls.
  • Let social directors know about dates of fundraise…
  • Sam: Opportunity for another team to host the Ironman fundraiser that makes $100 for the club. Need good chunk of money… Have until January deadline to volunteer (event is in June)…. More than one team can do it.

Sponsorship Director’s report

  • Last year didn’t pan out with plans for  jersey sponsor for u21
  • This year has lead for div 3 kit and u21.
  • If anyone has a lead on sponsors, send the to the sponsorship director.
  • Matt has material for approaching sponsors with options…

Web report

  • Via email: Please send me the list of new contacts for team reps and executive as soon as they are available.


  • President
    • Brea Moore voted in (nominated by Jena, seconded by Arielle).
    • Position is filled by acclamation.
  • Vice-President
    • Samantha voted in (nominated by Brea,  seconded by XX).
  • Secretary
    • Connor Trelawny voted in (nominated by Brea, seconded by Arielle).
  • Treasurer
    • Tyson voted in (nominated by Veroonca, seconded by Brea).
  • Registrar
    • Julia Philips voted in (nominated by Jena, seconded by Sam).
  • Field & Gym Director
    • Jena… (Nominated by Sam… seconded veronica….
  • Equipment Director
    • Lee Johnson nominated by Jena, second (pending acceptance)
  • Social & Fundraising Director (2 positions)
    • Arielle voted in (nominated by Veronica, seconded by Matt).
    • Veronica voted in (nominated by Arielle, seconded by Matt).
  • Sponsorship Director
    • Matt nominated aiden, seconded by veronica No vote – Matt Garnett will complete second year of two-year term.
  • Communications Director (new position).
    • Cam voted in (nominated by Jena, seconded by Arielle).

Note:   The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall hold office for a term of one

Every Director shall hold office for a term of two years.

General Business

  • None added toagenda.

Adjournment 7:58 p.m.