In Executive Minutes

Attendance:  Brea Moore (Chair), Ryan Emo, Stefan Colantonio, Tyson Loreth, Julia Diamond, Sarah MacGregor, Shari Jonasson, Nat Work, Matt Garnett, Alli Malpass, Mots Nakagawa, Arielle Anderson, Rose Weekes, Hannah Jenks, Cam Rose, Laura Lessingha, Geoff Brigg, Lee Johnson, Jena Croft, Julia Phillips, Chris MacIsaac.

Adopt the rules of order

  • Lee introduced the motion, Tyson seconded. Motion passed.

Adopt Past minutes

  • Tyson introduced the motion, Rose seconded. Motion passed.

Adopt the agenda

  • Lee introduced the motion, Tyson seconded. Motion passed.

President’s report

  • The club could not get enough volunteers for the proposed Labour Day tournament. Hosting the tournament in the future is still on table if we can get enough volunteers. The club is also open to fundraising ideas.
  • The club will not have women’s premier team this year and this will impact field times.
  • The Discovery Sport Club (DSC) AGM is coming up in September. Some DSC members are stepping down as they have been on the board for 20 years. Building, bar etc.
    • Action: Brea to send out an email update.
  • This year the club has a goal to bring the social aspect back to club. For example, teams are encouraged to come back to the clubhouse for casual beer and can invite opposing teams.
  • Each team is to host fundraiser.

Vice president report

  • The club will participate it the Victoria Royals fundraiser this year (50-50 draw or “chuck-a-puck”). The Royals let local clubs run the fundraisers on a first come first serve basis. Deposit is around 100. Every will have to sell tickets.

Treasurer’s report

  • We lost a team which will result in the need for the club to focus on fundraising.
  • Main item that costs less is the website because it is now built.
  • DSC fees are due September 1st.
  • Vote to adopt budget
    • Lee introduced the motion, Ali seconded. Motion passed.

Registrar’s report

  • Registration night next Tuesday September 5. Players do not need a password to login. Julia will send out instructions. Post-dated cheque for March 31, 2018 for jersey

Field & Gym Director’s report

  • Nat is moving on from fields role. Everything is set to go for year and the practice schedule is out. Will not be using school fields for preseason. With women’s team folding more room to move around. Oak bay indoor is booked for year-end tournament.

Equipment Director’s report

  • Gear for the teams have been distributed to team reps.
  • The jerseys being organized.
  • Still needs to purchase paint for lines
  • The club has a team bench that teams can sign out.

Social & Fundraising Director’s report

  • N/A – Katie’s term in complete as of last season.

Sponsorship Director’s report

  • Sponsorship is a work in progress as there is a limited amount of stuff to sell.
  • Cash preferred for sponsorship as well as pro bono work to cut down on the club’s expenses.

Web report

  • The website is an ongoing project and practice schedules will be posted. Cam is currently is looking for website sponsorship.


  • President
    • Brea Moore voted in (nominated by Ryan, seconded by Tyson).
  • Vice-President
    • Ryan Emo voted in (nominated by Julia, seconded by Tyson).
  • Secretary
    • Stefan Colantonio voted in (nominated by Ryan, seconded by Tyson).
  • Treasurer
    • Tyson Loreth voted in (nominated by Julia, seconded by Ryan).
  • Registrar
    • Julia Diamond voted in (nominated by Tyson, seconded by Ali.
  • Field & Gym Director
    • Jenna Croft voted in (nominated by Nat, seconded by Matt).
  • Equipment Director
    • Lee Johnson voted in (nominated by Tyson, seconded by Ryan).
  • Social & Fundraising Director
    • Chris MacIsaac voted in (nominated by Matt, seconded by Ryan).
  • Sponsorship Director
    • Matt Garnett voted in (nominated by Lee, seconded by Ryan).

Note: Every position only had one person nominated.

General Business

  • Consideration of Amendments to the Bylaws
    • No motions were introduced to amend the bylaws.
  • Establishment of membership fees for the ensuing year
    • Motion introduced: Matt Garnett introduced a motion to increase the membership fees by $5. The majority of present members voted against the motion.
  • Team Snap website/app
    • There is a webinar on how to use the tool (e.g., What they have to offer for teams). There would be a cost to club. It could be an effective tool to communicate to teams. Brea has video for next meeting.

Registration night is set for September 5th from 7 to 9pm bar will be open.

Next executive meeting is scheduled for September 11, 2017 at 6 pm and is intended to reoccur on every second Monday of each month going forward.

Adjournment 8:14.